Wednesday, August 09, 2006

There are some parcels already on their way!

I've had three emails today from people letting me know that their parcels are on their way to their pals. Keep an eye on your mailbox, it could be on it's way to you! And I'd be more than happy to receive some of the parcels I saw and heard about!

Someone mentioned that they'd like to know what patterns their pal would like or not like. Why not ask her? My pal left a comment on my blog, asking if I liked Fiddlesticks patterns. (Love 'em!). She used an anonymous email address, and a fictitous name. And she killed two birds with one stone, contacting me and getting information she wanted!

Don't forget to check out all the wonderful supplies links Ailsa has posted for you all, she knows where to find all the good stuff.

And I mentioned in a previous post that the person you are sending to is not the person who is sending to you. I was actually wrong about that in one or two cases, it seems that my random number generator was not quite random enough. I do apologise if it causes any problems, although I'm not aware of any at this point. It all appears to be going well so far, I hope everyone is enjoying the swap.


Blogger Pearls Mother said...

I ordered some Zephyr from Sarah's Yarns after using the link provided by Ailsa.
Sarah was so helpfull and made it so easy to order cones of Zephyr, yes, multiple cones, I'm getting 3!!

10:53 PM  

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