Thursday, September 28, 2006

A few more parcels

I think these are the last few from my list.
Mona received a wonderful parcel from Laura, which included a lovely hand made project bag. Jae received a great parcel from Jesh, which contained some beautiful pink handdyed yarn. And Lindy scored a great package full of wonderful stuff from April.
If there is anyone I've forgotten, and I was your hostess, let me know!

And if you have any concerns, such as you haven't heard if your parcel was received, or you haven't received a parcel, let your hostess know! We're more than happy to look into it, but we can't help if we don't know what's happening.

After some very brief discussion, because it appears that everyone enjoiyed the swap, and it was quite successful, there is a very distinct possiblity that the Lace Swap could become an annual event.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Nearly the last

Hi there, well we're nearly at the finish line now!

Here's an update of who sent to whom in my group, the only ones left out are the ones still waiting on their package (as far as I know) or I've already mentioned.

Chloe sent a wonderful parcel to hostess Donna
Donna sent GREAT goodies to Gill

Ingrid to Erin
Erin sent a great purple parcel to Leeanne
Leeanne sent to Dorothy
Dorothy sent her goodies off to to Lynne

Cece to Phyllis who had some post office delays but was worth the wait
Phyllis send her lace to Kelly
Kelly in turn to her rhyming partner Elli

Ansley sent her stuff to to Wendy
Wendy's lace package found it's way to Mary
Mary sent hers to lucky ZhiWhen
Zhi-When did the right thing by Lorinda
Lorinda sent her great package to Lynda
And, to finish this little chain off here, Lynda sent stuff to Valerie

Amy is to Lyndsey
As Lyndsey is to Rebecca
Rebecca sent her goodies off to a delighted Amanda

Ann (sadly no blog) sent her parcel to Lisa
Lisa sent hers to CeeJay
And CeeJay sent to Vicki

Lois of got it knitted sent lovely lace to to Laura
Laura was a great lace pal to Tonni
And Tonni rounded it up by sending back to Chloe

And, last but not least, Eva sent to Donni.

Now there are a very few people on the list I haven't mentioned. That's because I haven't received confirmation of the parcels being recieved.

Please please please if you have recieved but not let me know please do so as soon as you can.

And, If there's a problem I can't help you if I don't know about it so tell me. There's no judgement here.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Lots more parcels! I think the majority of the parcels have arrived now. I know of two that are missing in action, but I have every confidence that they will appear soon.
Wanda received a great parcel from Christina. Lacking a digital camera at hand, she made good use of her cell phone. The things we do for our blogs! :)
Blogless Jennifer got a lovely parcel from Joan, but was unable to forward a picture. Yvonne in the UK got her parcel from Nichole, full of Knitpicks goodies. Seriously, us non-US knitters love to get KnitPicks!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'd bet that the various postal delivery persons around the world are cursing the internet. Before email, they had heaps more letters to deliver, but these days, I'll bet there's a lot more parcels!
Suzette (who is unfortunately blogless) got a great parcel from Martha, who is also blogless. I don't have a picture yet, but if I get one, I'll post it!
Adele got an excellent parcel from Megan, with Knit Picks Shadow, Zephyr and a Knit Picks option needle. Vicki got a lovely parcel from CJ, which included a cute handmade bag.
Rox got some yummy cashmere/silk blend yarn from Maylin.

Everyone who hasn't received a parcel yet is drooling in anticipation, I'm sure. Rest assured, we've been promised that they are all on their way!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More parcels, more parcels! And still more, out in the world, trying to find their way home!

Helen has no blog, so she sent me a picture of the lovely package she received from Beverly (also blogless). You can see the contents of her parcel here.
Martha is also blogless, so she sent me a picture of the great parcel she received from Nic. It can be seen here.
Nic also got a great parcel from Laura. And Kerry got her goodies from Jenn.
I got a great parcel from Chloe (who also got a great parcel) and it's here.
There are still some I'm waiting to hear from, but so far, most of the parcels have been absolutely wonderful!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

How much do we love you guys?

You know at this stage it looks like every single one of you has played nice and been fair in this swap event.

That's not bad for over a hundred strangers.

Donna and I would like to say, YOU GUYS ROCK!!

Because it's all about blog stats

OK, so I've succumbed to the pressure. I was trying to get out of doing this (way too lazy) but it appears I've been apprehended.

Those parcels have been so great to see, great to recieve and great to send. Donna and I have really enjoyed this swap, and so far it looks like everybody (all 103 or so of you) has come through in the end. We knew you could do it.

From the top:

Pixel Diva just loved her lace love from Donni of MogsBlog - check out the rap here.

In turn, Kristi loved what she got from Pixel Diva - here's her post on the subject. Don't you love her blog name - eau de bean?

So, who did Kristi send to? Well I can't tell you yet because I don't think it's arrived yet! But it's on it's way ....

April received her parcel from Rosanna, and funnily even though she sent it to the USA it's going back to Canada whence it came, what a co-incidence.

Rosanna herself received a loot of lovely lace from Kate at Fly in My soup.

Kate received her package from Corrie, whose package has already been documented here.

Now Nathalie, who sent to Corrie, received her package from Julia - who sadly is blogless.

Julia received her package from the lovely lacey Lynne at yarnivorous.

Gabrielle and Chantal were lucky (unlucky?) enough to get EACH other in the random number system, but they didn't know until after they recieved there packages. Sorry about that guys, I hope it wasn't too icky for you!

Lyndsey B received her package from April Mc - who did get a blog after all boy did she get spoiled.

Lyndsey B sent to Melissa who sent to Grace who sent to Carrie who sent to Caroline, who sent a very early parcel to CeCe.

You can see where this is going can't you? One big happy hand-holding circle! I'll wait until I'm sure some parcels have arrived before I reveal the whole whole chain, but not too long now I'd say.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Now it's really happening!

Seems nearly everyone left their swap parcels until the last minute, just to keep their partners in suspense!
Jae sent Julie some gorgeous Zephyr and some other odds and ends including Post It tape. Brilliant idea, why haven't I heard of this before??
Adele sent some yummy goodies Shirley, who is sadly blogless, but Adele has put a picture of the swap goodies on her blog for us to admire.
Dorothee recieved some nice Knitpicks yarn and a lovely pattern from Kellie. Christina got some gorgeous goodies from Rebecca in Belgium, including cashmere in the most beautiful shade of blue.
There are lots more out there, but I'm waiting on blogs to be updated so I can send you all off to admire the goodies.
This swap is disastrous for my stash. I just keep seeing things I must have!