Sunday, September 10, 2006

Because it's all about blog stats

OK, so I've succumbed to the pressure. I was trying to get out of doing this (way too lazy) but it appears I've been apprehended.

Those parcels have been so great to see, great to recieve and great to send. Donna and I have really enjoyed this swap, and so far it looks like everybody (all 103 or so of you) has come through in the end. We knew you could do it.

From the top:

Pixel Diva just loved her lace love from Donni of MogsBlog - check out the rap here.

In turn, Kristi loved what she got from Pixel Diva - here's her post on the subject. Don't you love her blog name - eau de bean?

So, who did Kristi send to? Well I can't tell you yet because I don't think it's arrived yet! But it's on it's way ....

April received her parcel from Rosanna, and funnily even though she sent it to the USA it's going back to Canada whence it came, what a co-incidence.

Rosanna herself received a loot of lovely lace from Kate at Fly in My soup.

Kate received her package from Corrie, whose package has already been documented here.

Now Nathalie, who sent to Corrie, received her package from Julia - who sadly is blogless.

Julia received her package from the lovely lacey Lynne at yarnivorous.

Gabrielle and Chantal were lucky (unlucky?) enough to get EACH other in the random number system, but they didn't know until after they recieved there packages. Sorry about that guys, I hope it wasn't too icky for you!

Lyndsey B received her package from April Mc - who did get a blog after all boy did she get spoiled.

Lyndsey B sent to Melissa who sent to Grace who sent to Carrie who sent to Caroline, who sent a very early parcel to CeCe.

You can see where this is going can't you? One big happy hand-holding circle! I'll wait until I'm sure some parcels have arrived before I reveal the whole whole chain, but not too long now I'd say.


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