Saturday, September 09, 2006

Now it's really happening!

Seems nearly everyone left their swap parcels until the last minute, just to keep their partners in suspense!
Jae sent Julie some gorgeous Zephyr and some other odds and ends including Post It tape. Brilliant idea, why haven't I heard of this before??
Adele sent some yummy goodies Shirley, who is sadly blogless, but Adele has put a picture of the swap goodies on her blog for us to admire.
Dorothee recieved some nice Knitpicks yarn and a lovely pattern from Kellie. Christina got some gorgeous goodies from Rebecca in Belgium, including cashmere in the most beautiful shade of blue.
There are lots more out there, but I'm waiting on blogs to be updated so I can send you all off to admire the goodies.
This swap is disastrous for my stash. I just keep seeing things I must have!


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